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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 6, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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♪ buy a doubled barrel shotgun. >> bret: he can carry a tune. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> this is "the fox report." tonight, the first criminal charges connected it the attack on our diplomatic outpost in benghazi, libya. the details nearly a year after the terrorists struck. plus, the military trial begins for the accused fort hood shooter. >> shepard: 13 soldiers died. dozens more were hurt. nidal hasan doesn't deny he did it. now, some of the survivors will finally get to confront him in court. >> i don't go a day without thinking about this. >> shepard: that and what hasan had to say for himself today. former president george w. bush recovering after doctors found a blockage in
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his heart and inserted a stent. >> they take the stent and then they coat it with a drug that prevents clots from forming. >> shepard: tonight, a look at the procedure and the former president's health but how to tell if you are at risk. and, handcuffed, chained and locked in a coffin then shoved out of an airplane. >> not successful is not an option here. >> shepard: the dare devil who tried to make the aescape. but first from fox this tuesday night, criminal charges filed. the first criminal charges in the attack on the u.s. outpost in benghazi, libya. on september the 11th of last year. happened today according to a u.s. official speaking to fox news. the terror strike killed four americans. our ambassador, chris stevens, the state department officer sean smith and two former navy seals tyrone woods and glen dorty.
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doherty. >> shepard, the charges remain under seal in new york tonight. in may released three suspects wanted for questioning. it is not clear whether they are the ones charged. but reporters spoke to one of the suspects just days after the attack and more recently. justice department officials issued the following statement, quote: the department's investigation is ongoing. it has been and remains a top priority. we have no further comment at this time. the administration is under increasing pressure to show that it is acting against the benghazi perpetrators. fox news has spoken to multiple military sources who say that u.s. operators have been on the ground monitoring several suspected attackers in libya for more than 10 months. libyan sources tonight tell us there is a great deal of action, activity tonight in darna a town known as recruiting ground for al qaeda east of benghazi. it is not clear the nature of the activity there tonight but darna has long been known as center for
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islamic extremism, shepard. >> shepard: the u.s. outpost in libya is one of the 19 diplomatic posts shut down for the rest of the week because of a threat of a new attack by al qaeda. now the state department has pulled nonemergency staffers from the emergency in yemen and told any other americans anywhere in that country to leave yemen a live update on the terror threat coming up inside fox report. first though, here at home, the army major nidal hasan stocked up on bullets, practiced at a shooting range and then tried to kill as many soldiers as he could. that's a quote from a prosecutor at the start of nidal hasan's court martial. the former army psychiatrist is accused of killing 13 of his fellow soldiers and wounding 32 other people during a shooting massacre at fort hood in texas. major nidal hasan has never denied his responsibility for that rampage, which happened in 2009. and in court today, he said the evidence will clearly show that he is, indeed, the fort hood shooter.
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he apologized. not for killing his fellow service members. but for mistakes he has made as an imperfect muslim, quote: trying to establish the perfect religion. nidal hasan had originally tried to argue he shot u.s. soldiers to protect taliban fighters in afghanistan. the judge didn't allow that defense strategy. at this time it's unclear what hasan's backup plan is since he is acting at his own attorney, he will likely end up cross-examining some of the shooting survivors and maybe even himself. although he did not cross-examine the retired staff sergeant alonzo lunsford who testified today. this photo from june shows sergeant lunsford holding a bullet the doctors dug from his body it. it when it comes to nidal hasan what he did to me was bad. the biggest mistake that he made was i survived. casey stegall with the news. he is at fort hood for us tonight. casey? >> shepard, good evening, even though sergeant
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lunsford was not questioned by hasan if only cameras had been allowed in the courtroom to capture the stare that he gave hasan as he waited to leave the witness stand today. he told the court about how he was shot seven times back in november of 26rbg 9. twice while he was indoors. five other times after he had already escaped and was being triaged. hasan sat quiet in his wheelchair as 12 witnesses took the stand for day one. he only had questions for two of them including his former supervisor. dozens of other victims will testify in the come days and perhaps weeks. reliving this nightmare all over again. >> only thing can do is basically be a victim and wonder how long it is until you are going to die, then know your foundations of, you know, of security and things of that nature. >> at the very end of court today, we heard a chilling 911 tape that was made from a woman huddled under her
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desk. shepard, you could hear the gunshots on that recording. >> shepard: casey, worth noting that the feds have labeled the fort hood shooting an act of work place violence, not terrorism. even though nidal hasan exchanged emails with the radical cleric anwar al awlaki. they say they avoided calling it terrorism because it could have damaged the prosecution's case. the defense secretary chuck hagel says he has found a way to ease the pain of automatic spending cuts known as the saysster. originally a second hagel said 600,000 pentagon workers would have to take 11 unpaid days off this year. 600,000. now he says he has managed to move some money around to get that down to six unpaid days. the spending cuts took effect earlier this year after the white house and congress failed to cut a deal to prevention them. former president george w. bush had surgery today after doctors found a blockage in an artery in his heart. that's according to the former president's spokesman, he says doctors
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discovered the blockage during a routine physical exam yesterday and today they inserted a stint. a piece of wire measure to mesh to keep the arteries open. spokesman says bush 43 should be out of the hospital tomorrow and back to his normal schedule by thursday. doctors tell us the former president has no history of heart trouble and by all accounts he is in excellent shape. few months ago he led his annual bike ride with wounded veterans covering more than 60 miles in three days. trace gallagher is live for us now. what do we know about who performed this stint and what's to come? >> well, it was quickly performed because we spoke to a cardiologist today shep that says couple things going on here one the president likely showed up to his annual exam and there was significant blockage in one his arteries and they felt it needed to be addressed right await a minute they also point out he is the former president and very few doctors would take the chance of waiting.
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it's also important to point out that these stents are not meant to extend your life. they are meant to alleviate symptoms. listen now to a cardiologist. >> we prevent an joinna, chest pain, shortness of breast and other types of symptoms associated with block cages in the heart. we must remember that a blockage in the heart is a black that's in that blood vessel. a heart attack is when that plaque ruptured and completely blocks that artery that is what could happen down the line if the blood vessels aren't treated appropriately. >> the doctor points out these block cages don't have over a short period of time like the time he left the white house to now, shep, these things build up over years and years and years, shep. >> the prognosis for the president very good, right? >> the progressing notifies is good one of the reasons they say that is because during the surgery when they went in to put that stint in there, they also get a chance to look at the other arteries and those apparently were very clear. the president will be released tomorrow and he will be put on some
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medicine, right? cholesterol medicine to try to thin out his cholesterol and maybe an aspirin regiment to thin out his blood. much of this is up to the president. once again is the cardiologist. >> you may find he has no other problems in the future. as active as president bush is with running and weight lifting and all the things that he does to be physically active, that makes me feel very good about his prognosis. >> you might remember the former president clinton had two stints put in. he later went on to have total bypass surgery. there is no sign at all that president bush will need further surgery after this stent. shep? >> >> shepard: thanks very much. a python escaped a pet store and attacked two young children. a massive snake longer than the height of two men. and, get this: the cops now say it's a criminal investigation. plus, they tackled an armed
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13 feet long and more than 100 pounds. suddenly it falls through the ceiling, kills two young boys, strangles them and now police have launched a criminal investigation. all of this happened at a home located above a reptile shop. the spot is new brunswick, just north of maine where the store's owner lives. here is a picture of the snakes in that shop. the owner says the python somehow got out of its cage, slithered through an air vent, got up into the ceiling above and then fell through. he says he found the 4 and 6-year-old brothers dead in that radio. the boys were having a
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sleep over with his own son who happened to be in a different room. today the shop's owner reports that he can't believe this is real. well, the cops killed the snake and they say they're investigating whether the shop broke any laws regarding exotic animals and if so there will be charges. witnesses say a man fired bullets through the walls of a township board meeting last night, then burst inside, murdered three people and wounded at least two others before two men tackled him to the ground. and now that gunman faces murder charges. he calls himself a junk collector. other people might call him a hoarder. today when a judge asked him if he had any property, the man responded. no they stole it from me. in fact, a court had ordered him to leave his home last year for violating zoning and sewer rules. a local newspaper in eastern pennsylvania reports that law enforcement had found buckets of human waste sitting around in that home. since the eviction, he has reportedly lived in abandoned buildings
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appeared in cars, including a 1984 pontiac. which brings to us last night. one witness then compared the onslot of bullets to fire crackers. he said folks saw pictures exploding away from the walls. rick leventhal is on scene in sailorsburg, pennsylvania, about 90 miles north of filly, rick? >> shepard, rodney nell's motive appears to be simple revenge. he reportedly told police that he shot up last night's monthly town hall meeting because he knew the town's supervisors who helped condemn his property would be here. he also reportedly said i wish i killed more of them. police say nell fired 28 rounds from a 223 caliber rifle while yelling you took my property and some expliteddives. he went back to his car when he ran out of ammo and grabbed his legally purchased 34 nag numb hand fun and went back inside firing more rounds before two men, including local will parks director bernie tackled newell even as he pulled the trigger. >> two very courageous
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individuals positioned themselves in a way that they were able to jump on this subject as he came through the door. they wrestled with him in an attempt to subdue him even while he was firing rounds from that revolver. >> nell was arraigned this morning on numerous charges, including three counts of murder, and he is being held without bail, shepard. >> shepard: the suspects had h. reportedly said, "set up a web site last year to raise money for his legal fight against that township. part of the web site reads i need to clean up and i a aneed a lawyer. i have no place to go. the fundraiser apparently ended last fall. the total number of donations, according to the silt, zero. newward on that rough landing at southwest airlines jet at new york's laguardia airport last month. it was more than rough. federal aviation officials say the plane's nose pointed downward within the
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last four seconds before landing. the plane landed nose first, something that should never happen. it caused the flight's landing gear to punch up into the plane's nose. can you see ter hoovment the plane scraped along the runway until it came to a stop. this is what it looked like inside a jet. a passenger gave us this video. investigators say the plane's pilots swapped controls just moments before the touchdown. one passenger suedaging pilot error. we saw a dare devil work today live on "studio b." his stunt, unchaining himself from a box roughly the size of a coffin after somebody had tossed that box out of an airplane. you will hear from coffin sky diving guy about what it is like to stair death in the face. plus, police say the young son of the r and b star usher almost drowned in a swimming pool. and there is a dramatic 911 call ahead. then there is a new huge reward up for grabs for anybody that can help authorities solve one of the biggest jewelry heists
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>> shepard: escaping from handcuffs is a pretty good trick on its own. consider, this how much more difficult it would be if you were locked in a box and falling from the sky dare devil did just that today. he ha h. himself handcuffed and chained and locked in this coffin looking box and his friends pushed the box out of the plane. it went fine because we heard from him afterwards and he said it got a little rough once he started dropping. i definitely knew when i was falling because i was getting flung around a little bit inside the box. i put handles in the box. thank god i put handles in the becomes. >> shepard: they didn't give us video from him escaping from that box.
4:22 pm
they did provide a photograph of the moment. we also have video of the landing. his team reports he hit speeds of about 140 miles per hour during free fall. that means he had only seconds to escape before the coffin smashed into the ground. garrett tenney was there in ottawa, illinois, watching it all. garrett? >> shepard, and this is what that coffin looks like after falling, plumb melts 14,000 feet and smashing into the ground. it remarkably 47-year-old tony martin was able to escape. only took him 40 seconds to do so. can you see these are the thick handcuffs that he had break out of when he was falling from the airplane. he had to break through a lock that was here on the door. all of this is while he is falling about 200 feet a second. and, the video of him falling out of this plane when he is there in that casket is just amazing. you can see his entire team there helping push him out of the air plane and in his own words he said it was absolutely remarkable when he was able to break out and escape and look at that
4:23 pm
casket fall away. take a listen. >> i left a box. i just picked a direction and tracked in it because i didn't want the box anywhere near me. when i opened my hair chute i made sure that was good and turning around looking at where everybody else was which gave me an idea where i was now. i was hypnotized watching the box fall behind me. >> tony says that this is the greatest escape he has been able to accomplish and he has no idea what he will be trying to do next to top it, shep? >> garrett, that dare devil says he has been interested in these sorts of tricks since he was a 10-year-old boy. he says by the time he was 13 he was having a local sheriff lock him up in handcuffs and then he escaped. well, need a quick million bucks and who doesn't? just help investigators find the loot from what's believed to be the largest jewelry heist ever. the lloyd's of london insurance company is offering 1.3 million bucks or a million euro for information that helps police find these missing jewels. last week a thief stole the
4:24 pm
collection from a diamond show in the south of france. that thief got away without firing a single shot even though there were security guards right there in the room. the stolen jewels worth an estimated $136 million. president obama is calling for big changes that could effect your mortgage. and he claims his idea might surprise some of his critics. we will give you the details. plus police say a suspected drunk driver sent a truck flying through the air. we will show you the rest of the video and find out how that truck driver is doing as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of. this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too. you bet. now if you like that, press the red button on top.
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with 48-month financing, including the sleep number memory foam series. sleep number. comfort individualized. police say the paramedics rushed the 5-year-old son of usher to a hospital after. we have the frantic 911 call. the child's arm got stuck in a drain in that pool in atlanta. actually happened on monday. they report the boy's great aunt and a housekeeper were there but could not free him. and that two contractors working at the house managed to dive in and get him out. listen now to the 911 call. this is from the great aunt. >> my nephew was in the pool he went in, i couldn't i -- i couldn't get him. try today get him and they got him out now doing cpr on him.
4:29 pm
>> shepard: according to the reporting of tmz the web site the child will be okay. the boy is the oldest of usher two children former wife. wife died in a relationship in a crash on a lake. dramatic video now as a newspaper delivery truck goes fly flying off an overpass and tops our news across america. >> shepard: massachusetts, officials say the driver was on an early morning delivery when a car sideswiped him near boston. the impact sent the truck over a guardrail and on to a ramp some 40 feet below the highway. the driver reportedly escaped that crash with a broken leg and bruises. they believe the driver was drunk. police have released surveillance video of a man they say climbed the dome of the capital building in saint paul. happened last october authorities say a suspect drimed the wall made his way up the 23-foot marvel
4:30 pm
dome. >> one misstep and he would have fell a great distance likely to his death. >> the so-called capital climber guy hid behind some massive carved eagles and got away by climbing down unscaffold. florida, a man says he and a friend found 100-pound burmese python inside his shed in miami. the homeowner called firefighters for help. it took five crew members to lift the 13-foot long reptile. south dakota, one of the world's biggest motorcycle rallies underway in sturgess. thousands of riders across the country came out to the black hills for the weekend long event. today riders and their hogs marked military appreciation day and he they are part of a fox watch across america. >> fox across america is brought to you by liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the
4:31 pm
news. president obama says at is time to phase out the mortgage giant fannie mae and freddie mac. >> private capital should take a bigger role in the mortgage market. i know that sounds confusing to folks who call me a socialist. i think i saw some posters there on the way. in i believe our housing system should operate where there is a limited government role and private lending should be the backbone of the housing market. >> lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have proposed a similar overhaul. fannie mae and freddie mac own or guarantee about half of all the mortgages four country. the government essentially took over those companies nearly five years ago after the mortgage crisis threatened to sink both of them. the president made his remarks today in neengs where he also toured a construction company. phoenix has bounced back significantly after the worth days of the housing crisis. according to s&p case schiller, home prices there have jumped by more than 20% from one year ago. it's the testimony story at the bottom of the hour.
4:32 pm
rich edson is on it live from d.c. >> democrats, republicans, president obama, all agree the government should shut down fannie mae and freddie mac. the problem how fast and what should congress put in their place? >> the president says the government should wind down fannie and freddie by 15% each year in their place only if private investors take losses first. that should guarantee help home buyers have access to a traditional 30 year fixed rate mortgage. with this proposal, a bipartisan senate plan and a bill house republicans have advanced through a key congressional committee one am list says the chances for government housing reform have improved significantly. this is the critical window for action. if you can see progress in the senate in the fall odds go up dramatic little that we could get a housing finance reform bill done during president obama'spxx tenure. that is something people would not have said six months ago.
4:33 pm
some analysts fearless risk for taxpayers may lead to higher borrowing cost for home buyers, shep? >> shepard: we reported the president is in neengs which is also the spot where president obama first introduced the home affordable modification program. a plan to help some 4 million americans avoid foreclosures by adjusting their loans. a government watchdog reports more than 300,000 of those homeowners have since redefaulted on their mortgages. meanwhile, bank of america mislead investors when it sold $850 million worth of residential mortgage bonds in 2008 during the global financial crisis. that's from a pair of lutes from the federal government today. the justice department and securities and exchange commission each filed their own suits against the bank. accusing bank of america of failing to disclose the risks associated with those bonds. the financial giant has previously announced a series of settlements related to the crisis. including an 8 and a half
4:34 pm
billion dollars deal with investors. bank of america has denied the accusations in today's lawsuits. well, there is word now of a potentially huge security problem. one that could actually make stocks go up or down affecting all of our 401(k)s. here is the gist of it. according to the reporting of the "wall street journal" newspaper, the fbi revealed that it's possible for traders to see key economic reports before they go public. things like unemployment numbers and housing data. knowing those things in advance could give some traders an enormous advantage. one that could cost the rest of news a big way. "the wall street journal" reports that investigators have been suspicious for years because of huge moves the market makes right before those reports are released. the fbi's report does not indicate whether anybody did, in fact, use the information, but doing so could violate insider trading laws. the u.s. has now ordered all nonemergency workers to get out of yemen immediately because of what officials are calling a specific, immediate threat.
4:35 pm
the state department is also telling americans do not travel to yemen and, if you are already there, get out now. the embassy in yemen is one of 19 u.s. diplomatic posts that are scattered around and closed down for the rest of this week because of what officials are calling the threat of a possible al qaeda attack. fox news has confirmed the threat came from communication between the al qaeda leader ayman al zawahiri and the head of the terror network's affiliate in yemen. there is more to this story and the chief fox report correspondent jonathan hunt has it it jonathan, the fight, taking americans out of that country, not only action in yemen today? >> no. the u.s. very much on offense as well as defense in yemen today. yemeni officials saying that a u.s. drone strike took out four alleged al qaeda members in a province east of the capital sanar. u.s. surveillance aircraft over the embassy in the capitol on the other side of this al qaeda fighters
4:36 pm
apparently took down a yemeni helicopter killing all nine aboard. we should also point out that according to u.s. officials, there are some 1400 u.s. marines now stationed off the coast of yemen aboard the uss on stand by, shep, should they be needed. >> shepard: administration officials are saying this is real. but it's not to say that the al qaeda leadership hasn't been disseminated. >> yeah, and at the state department's daily briefing today. state department spokeswoman jen sacky was pressed on the administration claim that al qaeda has, indeed, been disseminated, listen. >> our view is that the core of al qaeda in cpac tan and afghanistan is on the path of defeat. we main concerned about affiliates. that has been -- >> those who share that view would say the very idea that the al qaeda leader, ayman al zawahiri felt compelled to reach out directly to the leader of al qaeda in yemen and ask him to do something big.
4:37 pm
would be a sign of that al qaeda leadership's weakness and desperation. on the other hand, the u.s. reaction to all of this, shep, shows very clearly that we do not want al qaeda to get any kind of victory right now. >> shepard: certainly not. jonathan, thanks very much. the state department reports the united states has given yemen more than $600 million over the past two years. officials say that money is for humanitarian aid and to help improve the country's security forces. well, wet yet another woman has stepped forward to claim sexual harassment charges by san san diego's mayor. and these could be some of the most troubling accusations yet. they are said to involve an injured war veteran. plus, word of a major health scare for the actor dustin hoffman. details of his illness and his condition next. but, first, a jazz fusion icon who helped bring the synthesizer to the foreground of popular music has died. ♪ ♪
4:38 pm
>> shepard: george duke said he first fell in love with the piano at the age of 4 when thinks mother took him to a duke ellington concert. work with frank zappa in the 1970s did a lot to popular rise jazz rock. he went on to play keyboards for michael jack's album off othe wall. can you hear classics punk, common to kanye west. today justin timberlake tweeted rip duke, funk, jazz music legend one of the greatest. he was 67 years old. ♪ ♪ [ ship horn blows ] no, no, no! stop!
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>> shepard: a serious health scare for dustin hoffman. doctors have successfully treated the actor for cancer. his publicist gave us the word today. she would not say what type of cancer. she does say doctors found it early and, quote, surgically cured it and that dustin hoffman is feeling great. he is 75 years old now. a film legend. two-time oscar winner known for two unforgettable roles including the hit tootsy. >> gross caricature of a woman to prove some idiotic point that power makes women masculine or masculine ugly. shame on you any woman that let's do you that that means you dear, miss marshall shame on you. >> shepard: the actor will continue treatment to prevent that cancer, whatever it is from recurring a drug that helps fight cancer in dogs could some day transform the way we fight brain cancer in human beings. that's according to the researchers at the university of illinois. they tell the local
4:43 pm
newspaper compound signals cancer cells to destruct themselves while sparing normal cells. they plan to try it on people next year if they get the go ahead from the food and drug administration. federal health officials say for the first time there is evidence childhood obesity son the decline. according to the latest report from the cdc obesity rates among low income preschoolers are down in the 18 states you see here in yellow. to give you some context. in most places it was a drop of less than 1%. officials say still the rates are too high. they point out one in 8 preschoolers is still obese. but they say they hope this marks a turning point. speaking of obese. taco bell is going after the breakfasted you control. the fast food chain announcing it will expand its test of waffle tack tacos sometime next year. waffle shell filled with eggs sausage and a side of syrup because you any you want it. they will roll it out in
4:44 pm
all 6,000 restaurants across america. so far available known southern california. in case you are wondering waffle taco for breakfast has 460 calories and 30 delicious grams of fat well, the military has to send a chop tore rescue four people stranded in raging floodwaters and that story tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. india. officials say heavy monsoon rains caused a river to burst its banks trapping several villagers. some of them held on to trees until members of the indian air force arrived in a boat. the troops then helped direct a helicopter as it hoisted each person to safety. they are all reportedly okay. china avment massive fire tore through a village in a central province and destroyed nearly 60 homes. state media reports some 250 people are now homeless. authorities say they are providing food and shelter to the victims.
4:45 pm
fire crews investigating the cause. chile. protesters battled cops in the streets of the capital of santiago. demonstrators rallied against a new law that toughers penalties on protesters who attack police. critics say it would criminalize some peaceful protests. officers in fire gear fired water canons to break up the crowds. peru, a baby white bengal tiger making public debut in the capital city of lehmanna. this cub is the first of its kind born in captivity in the country. workers say the parents are the only other white bengals in peru. the zoo is set to hold a contest so visitors can help give the little one a name. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. the mayor's scandal in san diego just got worse. an 11th woman is now
4:46 pm
accusing the mayor of that city, bob filner, of sexual harassment. this one is a nurse. who says the mayor tried to use a wounded iraq war veteran as a bargaining chip to get her to go out with him her name is michelle tyler she says it happened in the mayor's office this past june after she asked him to enhelp the veteran, a woman named catherine. >> i felt that his unking my arm and telling me to relax and making me feel that help for catherine was contingent on my going out with with him was extremely inappropriate and unacceptable. i believe a person in power should not take advantage of their position to gain a sexual advantage for themselves. >> shepard: well, response from the mayor, so far nothing. he has apologized and called his behavior inexcusable but he is resigning to resign. he said he would start two weeks of intensive therapy. supposed to start yesterday to deal with what he once called a monster inside
4:47 pm
him. but we cannot confirm that he actually checked in to the clinic. jurors have begun deliberating how the accused mob boss whitey bulger could spend the rest of his life in jail. day one of deliberations ended just a couple of hours ago. prosecutors say the now 83-year-old took part in the murders of at least 19 people. and a slew of extortion and money laundering schemes while tasering south boston as a leader of the infamous winter hill gang in the 1970s and 198 os. whitey bulger pleaded not guilty. even though his defense attorneys say did he run a multicrald earn mize for decades. they strongly deny he was fbi informant. in fact the judge has scolded whitey bulger not once but twice during the trial for cursing at witnesses who called him a rat. molly line is outside the courthouse in boston tonight. molly? >> shep, jurors spent more than five hours deliberating today but ended without a verdict. 18 jurors and told six are
4:48 pm
alternates. 12 that are now deliberating. of those 8 are men. four are women. they have a lot to go over there are 32 different counts that james whitey bulger is facing. including racketeering charges. detail 19 murders in which bulger is alleged to play a role and charges related to extalks, weapons and narcotics. even a conviction of one of the lesser charges could result in an effective life sentence for bulger who is 83 years old. deliberations resume tomorrow morning. shep? >> shepard: whitey bulger's long-time girlfriend pleaded guilty to conspiring to harbor a fugitive among other things. the feds caught both of them in southern california back in 2011. this past may, she lost an appeal to reduce her 8 will-year prison sentence. right now, crews are battling an enormous wildfire that's threatening dozens of homes. coming up bring you the latest on the flames ranging in southern california. look at severe weather including deadly flooding in the nation's heartland. that's all ahead as fox reports live tonight.
4:49 pm
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wildfire alert. fast moving flames right now threatening at least 100 homes in southern california. the u.s. forest service reports this thing broke out yesterday near lake elsinore 70 miles east of l.a. authorities last night evacuated hundreds of people. they have since lifted some of the evacuation orders and will carr is in our west coast news whub a late upday. will. >> good evening, shep. imagine a wall of flames racing straight toward your house what would do you. >> that's what some residents were thinking seconds before a dc 10 flew into their neighborhood, dropped thousands of gallons of retardant on their neighborhood. >> they got too close for comfort. sprayed my house, the forest is 100 feet away from us.
4:53 pm
>> spray they did. so far the fire has not burned any homes. and is 20 percent contained, shep. >> shepard: officials say they still don't know what caused this wildfire. since the first of january, 4300 other fires have reportedly burned more than 70,000 acres across the golden state. deadly flash floods has killed a child and forced dozens of people out of their homes in south central missri. cops there reportedly found remains the that drowned child early this morning near a creek about two hours southwest of st. louis. a -- the sheriff there says the kid was between 4 and 6 years old. rescue crews are said to be looking for more victims. flood watches and warnings in effect right now as storms continue to threaten the area. so let's get to the weather center and dan miss janice dean the weather machine. wow. >> unfortunately we are going to be dealing with more flooding weather around tornadoes. couple severe thunderstorm watches. tornado watch in effect. and in that tornado watch we have a warning. just on the border here
4:54 pm
between minnesota and wisconsin. so watch the potential for severe threat this evening again, severe thunderstorm warnings in effect from the texas panhandle up towards kansas. the flooding continues 6 to 8 to even 12 inches of rain fall in just 48 hours, flash flood watches and warnings are posted, shep, we are going to leave you with he had hot temperatures across the southern plains. 102 in dallas with the heat index it feels even worse than that, feels like 103 in houston. 103 in shreveport and continues all through the workweek. back to you. >> shepard: scorching across texas. janice. when it comes to summer heat, last month was officially awful. analysts say at least 10 cities recorded their hottest month on record for july. it can happen to anybody. some mornings you just need a few more minutes, don't you? but you can't hit the snooze buttons too many times especially if you have to be on tv and tv starts promptly at 7:00 for al roker. the no show on the peacock is next.
4:55 pm
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6:00 a.m. eastern weather channel. he claims it's the first time it ever happened to him. if the tweet he wrote after 39 years it happened i overslept and missed a show. al did make it in for today. reports were he was yawning behind the scenes. u.s. officials confirm the justice department has filed the first criminal charges connected to the benghazi terror attack nearly one year ago when four americans died in an assault. meantime officials in yemen have ramped up security across the capital city of sanai citing the recent threats. embassies evacuating their staffers. the accused fort hood shooter the army major nidal hasan told a military court today the evidence will clearly show that i am the shooter.
4:59 pm
but would only show one side. and on this day in 1965, a push for equality at the polls. when president linden johnson signed into law the voting rights act. in a speech before congress, lbj had accused some election officials, mostly in southern states. of trying to keep black men and women from casting ballots by telling them they had gotten to the polling place or the time was wrong or by forcing them to take unfair literacy tests. the voting rights act banned those tests and other discriminatory practices. this year the supreme court struck down the rule that prevented certain states from changing their election laws without approval from the federal government. but a president signed his name for civil rights 48 years ago today. and now you know the news for this tuesday, august the 6th, 2013. i'm shepard smith.
5:00 pm
we're all right back here tomorrow. noon pacific time. 3:00 eastern time for "studio b." then back in here for the fox report tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is coming up. and begins the most powerful prime time in all of cable news. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: [shouting] >> laura: as threats against the united states intensify, the liberal "the washington post" scorches president obama over the war on terror. [shouting] >> laura: we'll have the latest. >> the gap between the have and have notes. [ applause ] >> is getting wider and wider. it's going to be a problem that no amount of police can solve. >> laura: a dire warning from rapper jay-z as he launches the latest salvo in the class warfare debate. >> i don't want to really scare america but the real problem is there is no million class. >> laura: is the hip hop millionaire just another out


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